The duo of National Gallery buildings has been operational for just over a month. However, with the larger facility comes additional overhead responsibility. One of the areas the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) has anticipated will help bring in revenue, is the new Gallery Gift Shop where visitors can purchase items exclusive to the shop like prints of select images in the NGCI Permanent Collection, jewellery by Xie Xie Designs, t-shirts, art supplies and now-thanks to PwC-coffee mugs.

Having partnered with the NGCI in donating to its Capital Building Project and resulting in the naming of the "PwC Pavilion", the private sector company continues to show its support to the arts entity. By donating the mugs, PwC has provided the shop with another unique item up for sale. The beautifully glazed two tone ceramic mugs adorned with the National Gallery logo, comes in three colors; red, orange and yellow.

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