Major Police and Community Collaboration Project in West Bay

11 August 2017, 8:00 AM
On 9 August, the community of West Bay in conjunction with West Bay police officers launched a clean-up initiative in the King Road area, targeting old, abandoned vehicles and derelict buildings that were degrading the appearance of the community.  This initiative grew out of consultations between NPD and community members about how to beautify the neighbourhood and prevent crime.
"This is a project that has been in the making for over a year to gather the resources and support of the residents and businesses," said PC Eugene Myles, the Neighbourhood Police Officer (NPO) assigned to the district of West Bay, "and everyone is quite excited that it has finally become a reality."
An excavator and dump truck provided by a local business owner were used to demolish old buildings and remove debris, with the consent of the property owner.  Local residents contributed toward the fuel costs for the machinery.
The Area Commander for West Bay Police, Inspector Lloyd Marriott, said, "We welcome this level of partnership and collaboration between the citizenry and the Police to address issues that are of major concern to the community, and encourage others with similar issues to form an alliance with the police to make the community an attractive place for us and our children to live and grow." The clean-up initiative continues with other identified areas in West Bay. 
West Bay Police Officers are very proud of the work that was done in King  Road area yesterday and look forward to continuous working dialogue with the people of the West Bay community, with the hope that  this level of partnership and dialogue will  inspire other police community projects across the islands.
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