Vessel Collision near Duck Pond, 11 June

13 June 2018, 8:00 AM

Just after 7:30PM Monday 11 June, the Joint Marine Unit was dispatched by the 9-1-1 Communication Centre to the area of Duck Pond, where it was reported that a boating accident had taken place.

It appears that a 35ft. Carbo Express vessel was travelling from Cayman Kai when it collided in an unmanned sailboat anchored near Duck Pond. It is believed that the sailboat did not have any mooring lights illuminated at the time. The power vessel sustained what appeared to be minor damage, however, the sailboat was extensively damaged.

There were no injuries resulting from this collision.

A/Supt. Brad Ebanks, head of Specialist Operations, stated, “We would like to remind the public to adhere to all aspects of the Port Authority Law.  All vessels, whether anchored (even unmanned) or in operation are required to have lights illuminated at night.  As the boating community grows, we all have to increase our compliance, caution and vigilance whilst on the water.

Under the law, vessels anchored more than two hundred yards from the shoreline must carry riding lights at night, unless in areas protected by reef, or otherwise authorized by the Director of the Port.”

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