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Virtual CYDEC 2020 Conference to focus on ‘Digitisation beyond COVID-19’

Virtual CYDEC 2020 Conference to focus on ‘Digitisation beyond COVID-19’
22 June 2020, 05:01 AM
Business, Covid 19

The third annual Cayman Islands Digital Economy Conference (CyDEC), hosted by FTS, will take place on Thursday 25 June 2020 from 9am to 12:30pm.

Originally launched in 2018 as the first conference of its kind in The Cayman Islands, CyDEC has become the most anticipated digital event in the community calendar. Each year the conference brings together global and local experts to showcase cutting edge ideas and applied technological advancements for forward thinking leaders in both the private and public sectors. The Digital Cayman industry body was launched as result of the first CyDEC conference.

Technological change is moving at a mind-blowing pace, and this year COVID-19 has managed to speed up its growth exponentially. Due to the fast spreading nature of the pandemic, social distancing has become a priority in communities worldwide, demanding digital, contactless solutions for many of the daily tasks that had become second nature in society. Intrigued by the effects of the global pandemic on the digital world, CyDEC 2020 will be focusing on the theme: Digitisation beyond COVID-19.

This year’s conference will explore fresh, relevant topics such as payment systems, digital innovation, the progress of AI, big data, and the effects of COVID-19 on cybersecurity. The agenda will be relevant to business leaders across: financial services, tourism, technology, and the public sector. Compliance officers, enterprise risk managers, and CEO’s will also benefit from these points these discussions and innovations.

“This year we are pleased to feature 2 incredible international speakers on the highly debated topics of big data in the COVID era as well as the role of artificial intelligence, says CyDec founder Paul Byles. “Much of that material is really eye opening and I am sure the audiences will enjoy that, along with a fantastic team of local based experts.”

CyDEC will be embracing this opportunity for technological advancement itself by moving the event to a brand new digital space. The conference format has been adapted to a virtual platform to prioritise the health and safety of all attendees and encourage social distancing. For the first time, CyDEC attendees will have the ability to interact with digital leaders in the comfort of their own homes. The new platform encourages participation from attendees by means of panel discussions, Q&A and virtual coffee breaks.


Attendees will be rubbing virtual shoulders with internationally renowned speakers and local industry leaders, who will be showcasing the latest technology in their fields of expertise. Speakers to look forward to include Cayman Islands Minister of Financial Services, The Hon. Tara Rivers; Internationally celebrated Digital Pioneer and AI Scientist, Inma Martinez; Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths University of London, Dr. Chris Brauer, and Managing Director of Cayman Enterprise City’s ZIMTRA, Adam Lambert; among others.


The CyDEC 2020 conference is proud to be associated with the following sponsors: The Ministry of Financial Services, Cayman Tech City, The Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, eShore, and Tower.
Tickets are available at at a cost of $100 per person.