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Max 8 operations: Update 1

Max 8 operations: Update 1
15 March 2019, 05:37 AM

Following the airline’s decision to voluntarily suspend operating its two Boeing 737-Max 8 aircraft on March 10, 2019, Cayman Airways Limited (CAL) would like to inform its valued customers that the airline has been successfully implementing a series of contingencies and schedule adjustments to facilitate the accommodation of all its passengers.  Those customers, whose flights are affected in any way by the airline’s modified schedule, are being contacted by Cayman Airways systematically, on a flight-by-flight basis, in advance of their departure date.

Regarding the airline’s service, during this time, CAL’s Executive Vice President and CFO, Paul Tibbetts, advised: “Our modified flight schedule allows most flights to be operated at, or near, their originally scheduled times, and flight cancellations have so far been limited to only one rotation for New York and Miami per week, with those passengers being protected on other flights. As we are not certain about the length of time that our Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft will remain out of service, we are making contingency plans and schedule adjustments to address the next four weeks of operation, and beyond if necessary.”

Regarding the Denver route, Mr. Tibbetts added: “Passengers on our Denver flights, should note that these flights will continue to operate as planned, either with our own Boeing 737-300 aircraft, or with substitute aircraft provided by a contracted carrier meeting our safety and regulatory requirements.”

Vice President of Flight Operations at Cayman Airways, Captain Dave Scott, said: “On some legs of our Denver flights, the Boeing 737-300 aircraft may require a short enroute fuel stop, depending on the passenger loads and atmospheric conditions, but this is expected to be minimal. Using the Denver rotation on March 14, 2019 as an example, the winds aloft were favorable, and our Boeing 737-300 aircraft was therefore capable of safe nonstop operations on both flight legs, even though the southbound leg was full.”

Commenting on the worldwide grounding of the Boeing 737 Max fleet, Cayman Airways President and CEO, Mr. Fabian Whorms said: “With the tragic loss of Ethiopian flight 302 coming just five months after the equally tragic loss of Lion Air flight 610, both in similar stages of flight and exhibiting glaring similarities, we felt that extraordinary precautionary measures were immediately necessary to ensure undoubtably safe operations at Cayman Airways. Within a few hours of our March 10, 2019 announcement to voluntarily suspend Max 8 service, many Max 8 operators across the globe started to also voluntarily suspend their Max 8 operations. Those airlines that chose not to take such precautionary actions, were eventually directed to suspend operations by their applicable regulatory authorities, resulting in a worldwide grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft some four days after the accident.”

Mr. Whorms added: “The financial implications of voluntarily grounding aircraft, that are technically still operational, can be very significant, and this obviously contributed to a reluctance on the part of some airlines to proactively ground their Max fleets. For us at Cayman Airways, however, our decision was made without any hesitation or any reservation. For over half a century, we have placed the safety of our passengers and crew as our absolute number one priority. The Cayman Airways family, including the Shareholder, the Board of Directors, Management, and dedicated Staff, are all equally committed to the safest operation possible, and I can assure everyone that we will never, at any time, place commercial interests, or financial considerations, ahead of our longstanding and total commitment to safety. We thank all of our valued passengers for continuing to put their trust in our National Airline, Cayman Airways.”

If passengers hold upcoming bookings and have any concerns regarding their flight, they can call Cayman Airways Reservations at 1-800-G-CAYMAN (toll free in the USA/Canada), or 1-345-949-2311 (worldwide).